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Ohen Ozone Course

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The Ohen Ozone Course is a comprehensive and thorough educational program designed to provide participants with a deep understanding of ozone across various applications and industries. Participants will explore a wide range of topics, including the fundamentals of ozone in therapeutic settings, its applications across various industries, and the regulatory frameworks that shape its use. Additionally, the course delves into the business aspects of ozone therapy, equipping participants with practical skills to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape effectively. Anatomy and ethics form small components of the curriculum, ensuring that participants develop a holistic understanding of client interaction. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge, participants will gain the expertise needed to ethically and proficiently apply ozone therapy in their professional endeavours while being able to answer some of the most asked questions about ozone. Available Mid 2024. Requirements for this course: First Aid Level 3 certificate needs to be provided by the end of this course, it is strongly recommended to complete "Being an Ohen Academy Student" short course before starting this; higher education study skills taught in "Being an Ohen Academy Student" will be assumed for students on this course.

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